You’ve Got Halitosis!

You’ve Got Halitosis!

Halitosis may not be something you’re familiar with but it is something you can definitely live without. To most people, halitosis is simply known as bad breath. Although most people think that halitosis is brought about only by poor oral hygiene, this is not necessarily always the case. There are some instances when halitosis has been brought about by medical conditions. Regardless of the cause, however, halitosis can be quite embarrassing. But, with most people afraid to hurt your feelings, how can you tell if you are already suffering from one?

One of the sure signs that you have bad breath is when people around you seem to be uneasy when you talk to them. If you are trying to breathe to your hands and smelling it, then you might think that nothing’s wrong. Keep in mind that the air that you exhale as you speak comes from a different place as the air that you let out when you blow through your hands.

A bad taste in your tongue as well as the formation of thick saliva is often signs of halitosis. Oftentimes, these signs come with the formation of a thick film over your tongue. This thick film is actually formed by the combination of saliva, mucus, and bacteria which causes the halitosis. This is the reason why, when you brush your teeth, you also need to wipe your tongue clean.

Your Murfreesboro dentist would also tell you that being able to smell bad breath form your nose is usually a sign that you have bad breath. This is especially the case when you are suffering from colds and flu. You have to remember that excess nasal mucus can lead to an excessive growth of the bad breath-causing bacteria in your oral cavity.

Once you have an inkling that you may be suffering from halitosis, you should get in touch with your Murfreesboro dentist to check what you can do about it. Oftentimes, he would need to look into the cause first before he can device a treatment plan for you. While waiting, you might want to try a few remedies such as eating avocado, drinking lots of water, and skipping on food that can cause bad breath such as garlic and onion.

If you are not sure where to find a dependable Murfreesboro dentist, you can try looking for one using your local yellow pages as well as the internet. You can also check for referrals from your family and friends.