You Know it, Diets Don’t Work!

I don’t know about you but I have been on plenty of diets and weight loss plans just to gain the weight back because I returned to my old habits. It brings to mind a quotation by W.C. Fields who said “It’s easy to quit drinking, I’ve done it a thousand times”. I may not be quite up to a thousand yet but it must be getting close! How about you, sound familiar?
I think there are as many diet plans out there as there are people trying to lose weight. There’s the “starvation” diet where you just barely eat enough to survive. The problem is your body goes into starvation mode. Instead of burning fat your body decides that food must be scarce so it begins storing fat and burning protein. There goes muscle! Or perhaps you’ve tried one of the thousands of fad diets, cabbage soup diet, protein diet, you name the celebrity diet, Hollywood diet, and the list goes on and on.
Let’s get real here, you know it and I know it, diets don’t work. I mean, face it, the only way to get your weight under control is to change your lifestyle and develop a healthy eating plan. Now I know exactly what you’re thinking, that’s easier said than done. Well, I can’t argue with that but, wouldn’t it be great to have a guide that would lay it all out. You know, what foods can I eat that will actually be good for me? What foods should I avoid if I have digestive problems? What I can eat that will promote a health heart? Healthy cooking recipes and cooking instructions for nutritious, healthy food.