Many dental practitioners dream of having their very own practice one day, but when it actually happens they often fail to realise the relevance that Google has to them. A lot of future patients discover their new dental practice online, often by visiting their website and being impressed by what they have to offer. Great dental websites is one thing, but knowing how to utilise them properly to achieve the results that you are striving for is a completely different thing. Google enables you to make your practice seen at the top of their results page, where over 3.5 billion searches are carried out every day. Even if these are not all people searching for dentists, a lot of them will be, and you want as many of them as possible to click on your practice’s website over your competitors. Google itself is the most used search engine in the world, and it offers several other features that your practice can benefit from such as Google Snippets and Google Maps alongside several others.

Are you amongst the top search results?

Google Snippets is a handy feature that allows people to find a straightforward answer to a question that they have searched for. As well as the normal search results that come up, a box at the top of the results page will be separated from the rest and contain both a piece of text that answers the question that has been asked and a link to the webpage that is providing the answer. If you have a professional blog and update it regularly with content that is both rich in information and makes use of keywords, you are more likely to appear as an answer to a question, especially if you are using simplistic language that everybody understands instead of complex terminology. A professional blog will also increase your chances of appearing within the first few search results that Google provides, which is definitely something that you should be striving to achieve for your practice as a majority of people do not ever look beyond page one of Google’s results.


Let your future patients find you effortlessly

Another handy Google feature is its ability to put your future patients in touch with you through a simple click. Registering your practice with Google Business and making sure that you are visible on Google Maps means that people will be able to see you right away. Even better than this, your future patients will be able to call you and find directions to your practice by clicking a single button instead of having to try and scroll through lots of information to find your address or phone number and then have to copy and paste it into another place. People are often in a rush when they are looking for these things and will opt for a practice that not only provides the treatment that is required and a high standard of customer service, but one that has convenient user friendly features when it comes to finding out information and communicating online. Having a mobile friendly website will also increase your chances of keeping future patients on your website once they have arrived.