What Are Veneers In Birmingham, And Why Might Individuals Choose To Have  Veneers?

Veneers are essentially a form of cosmetic dentistry, that aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of an individual’s smile. Dental veneers may be more commonly known and referred to as porcelain veneers, or ‘dental porcelain laminates’. Dental veneers are of course, custom made for each patient, which leads to the best aesthetic results. Dental veneers are wafer thin caps that are adhered to the teeth (using a special dental glue). The shade and the shape of the wafer thin caps are matched to each individual’s natural teeth.

Individuals who may decide to have veneers fitted may suffer from low self-confidence, or may simply have a few imperfections orally. People who may be inclined to undergo this form of cosmetic dentistry may suffer from chipped teeth, or teeth which are uneven. Extrinsic and intrinsic staining are a few other reasons as to why patients may look at veneers as a possible cosmetic solution. Extrinsic and intrinsic staining may be caused by the consumption of highly pigmented food and drink (such as the consumption of coffee, curry, and highly acidic drinks). Lifestyle factors may also be a cause of staining, and may lead to yellowing of the teeth.

How do porcelain veneers work?

Over time, front teeth can become chipped, or discoloured. Dental veneers work by mimicking the natural teeth, to create a better looking smile. Dental veneers require a very thin layer of the surface of the tooth to be removed using a dental drill. The dental veneers are adhered to the surface of the teeth using a special dental glue, and veneers can be adhered to several teeth if required. Dental veneers are also used for alternative reasons. For example, occasionally orthodontics may not be able to fix small gaps between the teeth , which is where veneers can solve these imperfections.

Individuals who require veneers immediately


Individuals who request veneers may have been involved in an accident (which may have resulted in a chipped or damaged tooth) and may wish for a quick solution. Patients may feel as if having dental imperfections may hinder their professional career, and may therefore require an immediate veneer appointment. Many dental clinics will also offer their patients alterations. If they are unhappy with the way their veneers appear they can offer their patients same day replacements.

Patient anxiety

People may suffer from an irrational fear of the dentist (also commonly referred to as a dental phobia) for a wide variety of reasons. One cause of dental anxiety may be negative childhood experiences, which sadly can be carried into adult life. Most modern dental clinics can accommodate nervous patients in a variety of ways, one possibility is through the use of sedation.

How much do veneers cost?

The price of veneers varies greatly depending on the severity of the patient’s case, the number of veneers required, as well as the dental clinic providing the veneers. As standard, porcelain veneers are typically more expensive than composite veneers.