What are the Causes of Tube Obstruction?

Fallopian Tubes are also known as oviducts, uterine tubes, and salpinges. When there are some hydrops in tubes, it is possible for the hydrops block the tube. Tube obstruction is a major cause of infertility. If women have tubal obstruction, it is very possible for them to have ectopic pregnancy and infertility. When the tube is obstructed totally, the consequence is infertility. If the tube isn’t blocked totally and allows sperm to pass, the consequence is ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous, for it is a life threat disease. Blocked fallopian tubes are unable to let the ovum and the sperm converge, thus making fertilization impossible.

Fallopian tubes are important part of the female reproductive system. Every woman has two tubes with one being located on each side of the uterus. The egg moves through the fallopian tube during a woman’s reproductive cycle each month on its way to the uterus from the ovary. Sometimes, the egg gets stuck in the tube, causing a blockage. This blockage is referred to as a fallopian tube obstruction and is a common reason for female infertility.

What causes fallopian tube obstruction?

Most commonly a tube may be obstructed due to infection such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). The rate of tubal infertility has been reported to be 12% after one, 23% after two, and 53% after three episodes of PID. The Fallopian tubes may also be occluded or disabled by endometritis, infections after childbirth and intraabdominal infections including appendicitis and peritonitis. The formation of adhesions may not necessarily block a fallopian tube, but render it dysfunctional by distorting or separating it from the ovary. It has been reported that women with distal tubal occlusion have a higher rate of HIV infection.

The treatment of tubal Obstruction

Tubal Obstruction blocks the dream of being a mother, so women should cure this disease timely and immediately. Actually, the common treatments of tubal obstruction are surgery and antibiotic, but because of the huge damage of fallopian tube, more and more women tend to choose herbal formula to cure their tubal conditions. Herbal formula – Fuyan pill can cure tubal blockage with three months. This pill is the medication for eliminating inflammation, killing bacteria, clearing heat and promoting blood circulation. It can eliminate hydrops and unblock fallopian tubes in three months. The pills are made of Chinese herbs, which are safe and effective, with no side effects. If you are interested in this pill, I suggest you take the pills for 3-4 months to get a cure.