Want a Million Dollar Smile? 5 Dental Technology Updates That You Should Know About

Want a Million Dollar Smile? 5 Dental Technology Updates That You Should Know About

Before you even talk to your favorite Cosmetic Dentist or Sedation Dentist about have any procedures done you need to educate yourself a little on what is the latest development in the field of dentistry that would make your life easier and less costly. The fact that any dental cosmetic intervention is likely to cost you an arm and a leg from your own pocketbook since very rarely such treatments are covered by insurance so you need to know what where you can cut on costs yet improve on the results.

Some of the latest technologies available that are available in this field are:

1. CEREC products and system – this is a system introduced some twenty years ago by SIRONA, a reputed German dental company. Over time, this system has been perfected and today this system can create a crown in as little as four minutes. Why is this significant? Two major aspects – first, it cuts drastically on the need of anesthetics; and second, it uses milled ceramic, which has a longer life and is far stronger than any other available material.

2. Digital imaging – this is a very important technology development which reduces the time and error margin in reconstructive dental interventions since the information is processed by computer. Earlier, the best dental was done manually and you had to rely on the experience and expertise of the doctor. Today, the computer would give the best computation and arrangements in the least amount of time for best results.

3. Digital radiography – if you have ever been in for an extraction you would know that the first thing required would be a mouth X-ray so the dentist could see the position of the tooth in the jaw. Digital radiography replaces the need of numerous X-ray with digital imagery transferred directly to the computer. You have less exposure to radiation and the images are easily stored on computer for reference.

4. Intraoral camera – these are small and very flexible cameras that are used by dentists all over the world to get information of the inside of the patient’s mouth. This makes it much easier, faster and less cumbersome for your healthcare professional to find out the flaws and problem of both teeth and gums. Here too, the images are stored on the computer for further reference.

5. Sonic and Ultrasonic Scalers – scaling is a procedure that removes plaque and other debris accumulated on the teeth over the years. This process done with traditional methods is cumbersome, inconvenient yet very much necessary if you want to have that perfect smile and no mouth odor. These new types of scalers use air-driven turbines for scaling which makes the process fast and completely painless.

There are many more modern and advanced methods that are used today in dental procedures. You need to be aware of such technology so you would benefit most both in terms of results and financial benefits. Most of these technologies would reduce your time required with your dentist and of course, your bill.