Tighten Sagging Tummy Exercises – Bring Your Belly Back Inside Your Belt!

When a woman gives birth or a man suffers from middle-age metabolism decline a sagging tummy can become one of the most depressing aspects of their life, particularly if they were in good shape or an athlete at one point in their life. To tighten a saggy tummy, exercise is crucial.

Everyone knows one of the best ways to lose weight is to incorporate a cardiovascular exercise program into their life. This will help to shed pounds and even waistline inches. But tightening a saggy tummy can come from cardiovascular exercise couple with some abdominal muscle exercises as well.

Crunches and sit-ups are two of the most common exercises out there to help muscle up that saggy tummy. Variations on these exercises come when laying backward on an incline bench at the gym. This makes is harder to do a simple sit-up and works your stomach muscles even more. Also doing crunches on an exercise ball can also help to sculpt the entire abdominal region, which by some is viewed as two muscle groups, but most experts will agree is still on muscle. That?s why it?s important to work both the upper and lower abdominal regions and not just one.

Tightening saggy tummy exercises can also involve a workout partner if you are the type who enjoys the camaraderie of having another person to work out with. One way to help tighten a saggy tummy is to have on person sit on an exercise ball and fall back wards, stopping by the time their body is parallel to the ground. A partner can stand a few feet away from you, but in front of you and toss a light medicine ball over your head. Your job is to then catch it and let it carry you to your parallel to the ground position. But it is also your job to stop yourself before you go any further. This exercise works the abdominal muscles very hard and should only be done between two people where at least one of them has experience with the routine.

There are many exercises to help tighten a saggy tummy, but they should also be done along with cardio vascular exercise as well to achieve maximum results.