The Importance Of Healthy, Young Teeth

Children rely on their parents to enable them to maintain healthy teeth which will support them for life. A good foundation of positive habits takes a team to encourage, and a dedicated dentist in Richmond will support parents and guardians by providing experienced advice and suggestions to help allow children to understand and become interested in the health of their teeth.

Even though milk teeth fall out, it is important to not allow them to decay or rot because this can have serious negative impacts on the development and health of the adult teeth that are growing in. Should a milk tooth decay and rot to the point that it falls out or it needs to be removed, then this can force the new adult tooth to grow in faster, sometimes resulting in crooked or misaligned teeth.

A lot can be said for developing and maintaining positive habits that can last a lifetime. The sooner a child is introduced to the importance of routine brushing of teeth and the earlier they are presented to a dentist for regular check-ups, the more likely they are to have a positive association with their oral health.

It is recommended that a parent takes their child to a dentist as early as the presentation of the first tooth, generally before they are one year old. This can greatly reduce the likelihood of a child developing any kind of unnecessary phobia or fear of having their teeth checked and cleaned, rather it becomes a state of normality that they can carry through into their adult years.

So even though milk teeth are temporary, it is important to ensure they are cared for and healthy. Parents can do this in a number of ways and can be supported by their local dentist for the health and well-being of the child.

How does a dentist help in educating and supporting children?

Dental health care professionals have training and experience in introducing young children to the importance of cleaning their own teeth. They are committed to ensuring that oral health habits are built in to daily life so that these children can enjoy strong and healthy teeth for life.

It is very important for parents to discuss any questions or concerns they may have when presenting a baby for one of their first check-ups. A professional can have a look inside the baby’s mouth not only to monitor the progression of the new teeth, but to allow the child to get used to this new feeling.

As children grow older, they are encouraged to learn and enjoy brushing their own teeth and to understand the reason behind the necessity to do so. Caring dental health care professionals take time and use all their skills and available tools to involve young children in this task so that they are able to care for their teeth in the appropriate way.

There are some treatments available that ensure that cavities are prevented as much as possible as well, which can be discussed between parents and dentists during a consultation.