Take Control Of Your Health By Growing Your Own Fish And Vegetables The Easy Way

One of the keys to good health is to start with good healthy food. But at the market, healthy food is becoming harder to find. Processed food high in sugar and fat are becoming the norm, and are taking over most of the grocery store shelves. Even the so called fresh produce is becoming lifeless and is lower in nutrients and higher in pesticides.
There are organic foods you can buy, some of it is actually better, much of it is not, but almost all of it it much more expensive. If you really want to take control of your diet, the best way may be to grow your own food. For most people, this is not realistic in the modern world. Gardening takes too much time and many people don’t have the space or fertile ground to grow crops.
But aquaponics is changing this. Aquaponics is putting fresh organic food within reach of more people. This kind of system allows healthy organic fish and plants to be grown in a small amount of space, and with very little expense or maintenance.
Growing fish and plants together are a perfect combination. Fish supply all the organic nutrients the plants need, and plants are great filters that clean the water for the fish. Instead of planting in soil, which involves an enormous amount of work, plants are grown with their roots directly in the nutrient rich fish water. With all the water and nutrients they need, plant growth and health can be amazing. And the quality and taste of the vegetables are comparable to organic garden grown.
With all the resources the plants need, they can be grown in a small compact space. This allows much more food to be grown in a small area. Many people are growing food this way inside their homes as well as outside or in a greenhouse. With the plants and fish taking care of each other, very little time and effort are needed.
This is a great way to produce fresh organic vegetables, and it also produces fish. Popular food fish like tilapia and many others thrive in a system like this. Tilapia are are easy to care for and are known for eating just about anything. They are also very efficient at producing protein. With more concern about imported fish and depleting wild fish, growing your own clean organic fish is a great way to contribute to your health and save money.
It is hard to argue with the convenience and the healthy food this kind of system produces. But the best part may be how much fun aquaponics can be. That along with the peace of mind of knowing where your food is coming from. With all of that there is no good reason not to give aquaponics a try.

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