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Rheumatism is a Very Widespread Disease

A lot of people complain of rheumatism. You think it’s something as trivial as a headache, but things are not so simple. Untreated, rheumatism can become really dangerous. The term”rheumatism” is the popular name of “rheumatic diseases” which include a variety of over 100 diseases that cause pain in the …

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Frequent Use of Computers Can Lead to Disease

The internet age allows people enjoy the magic of digital technology, but also will bring some health worries. At present, the health effects of computers and networks have attracted people’s attention.

First, the keyboard is a “garbage dump.” In the daily work process, many people may not realize that the …

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Aluminum And Alzheimer’s Disease

Large amounts of aluminum are usually found in the brain of a patient with Alzheimer’s. This has led others to think that the disease is caused by using aluminum cooking pots and pans or ingesting oral antacids or antiperspirants containing aluminum.

It’s a nice thought but one with no scientific …

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Silicosis, a Disease Caused by Sand Dust

Silicosis is a chronic occupational lung disease that occurs in workers in mines, quarries of stone, metallurgy, porcelain and glass industry etc, after prolonged inhalation of silica dust. Silicosis is characterized by progressive and intense fibrosis complications being relatively common with pulmonary tuberculosis.

Occurrence of silicosis is caused by a …