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How to Talk to Your Child About Obesity

Most children under five will have limited interest in discussing why the kid’s meal at the local fast food place isn’t what should be eaten every day. That’s the age of the fussy eater, which will (hopefully) soon pass. Age does matter, particularly when dealing with the very young.
Elementary …

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Top 10 Misconceptions About Getting Fit and Healthy

These words may mean different things to different people. Actually, I am sure that they do, as well all have our own frames of reference. Here’s what I’m referring to here in the context of this article. Fit and healthy means having the physical ability to do the …

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Everything You Need to Know About Hemorrhoids

People tend to change the topic or avoid talking about hemorrhoids because it is a condition that affects the anal region, and people tend to get ashamed about issues in that part of the body. Aside from the embarrassment, there is an obvious lack of knowledge about the different signs …

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What You Need Too Know About Alzheimers

Alzheimer’s is a mental health disorder that can include memory loss, personality disorders and eventual loss of all cognitive functioning. It affects over 20 million people worldwide and usually affects those 65 and older. It is a scary and terrible disease for both the victim as well as their family. …

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All You Need To Know About Cellulite

What sort of treatments are currently available for dealing with cellulite? Which ones work and which are best ignored? How can I find expert advice on the topic which I know I can trust? This article was created by people who know how to beat cellulite, to the tips below …