Spa Services Explained

Whether its your first time or you are a spa regular, you may be curious about different spa treatments. As you search for a laser bar and spa Manhattan, consider the following treatments.


Massage is by far the most popular and well-known spa treatment. In fact, massage has been practiced for thousands of years. However, spas offer different types of massages. For example, deep tissue massages involve firm pressure focused on specific areas of the body, such as the upper back, neck and lower back, while Swedish massage is a full-body massage. You may also purchase hot stone massages, where basalt stones heated in water are placed on tight muscles to relax them. Aromatherapy massages use scents to relax you. Some spas offer specialty massages, such as Thai and reflexology.

Body Treatments

You may also order body treatments, such as body scrubs, which exfoliate your skin using salt or other exfoliants. A body wrap hydrates and detoxifies your skin. Most spas also offer nail treatments, such as pedicures and manicures.


Facials are another common service offered by spas. You may have a preferred facial service, such as a European, oxygen, vampire or dermaplaning facial, but you may also receive advice from an aesthetician who may suggest other specialized treatment. For example, some facials may include microdermabraision, where the top layers of skin are removed to reveal fresher, younger skin.

Specialized Treatments

Some spas offer acupuncture, where 12 needles are placed in the body’s energy centers. These facilities may also offer specialized baths, such as milk, thermal, hydro, mineral or cold baths. Saunas and steam treatments are also common.

LED therapies may be used to treat acne and wrinkles, while specialized massage techniques may promote lymph node drainage. Facial aging may also be treated using nonsurgical microneedling.

Medical spas offer additional laser hair removal, Botox and other nonsurgical treatments that require the supervision of a medical professional.

Don’t be afraid to try new spa treatments, but choose a great spa so you have the best experience possible.