Sophisticate Your Cuisine With Just A Dash of Argon Oil

All great chefs now use it in their recipes. The slightly nutty flavored oil enhances with its delicate nuances both meat and fish. In addition, rich in vitamin E and fat oleic-linoleic, argon oil contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids.
Gourmet virtues: the oil with the lavish golden straw reflections is considered as the noblest of edible oils by the most sophisticated gourmets. Gastronomic argon oil is prepared from roasted kernels which gives it a darker color than the cosmetic version, which is prepared directly by cold pressing of the fresh kernels. The greatest chefs of the highest starred restaurants have now adopted it as a seasoning for its subtle nutty flavor and unparalleled smoothness.
Argon oil is part of many original recipes of salads and delicate dishes. One dash in any preparations will bring it original notes and a sunny taste that will surprise guests.
As a culinary ingredient, the oil holds healthy properties. But one must however be careful in that, as with any rediscovered natural product, the selling enthusiasm of many manufacturers does sometimes present argon oil as a magic product.
Its properties and benefits have so far been mainly transmitted through the oral tradition of Moroccan people in places where the oil is produced. And as with any oral tradition there are many right things but often other things that are somewhat distorted or amplified by merchants.
Know though, that there’s no risk present in eating or applying it on your skin! The benefits of argon oil on the skin are at least recognized for centuries.
We’ll focus here on its benefits on health, for more details on the cosmetic use click here
* Argon oil has the ability to stabilize hyper-cholesterolemia. This in turn reduces the rate of bad cholesterol and increases the rate of good cholesterol.
* It is also thought to reduce the risk of hypertension by 50%.
* It can also act as appetite suppressant, which can come in handy for the fight against obesity or simply help lose weight through dieting.
* It is also known to improve liver function.
The benefits of this oil are numerous and the list could be longer but needless to expand beyond those not yet scientifically verified such as those affirming that it can help fight hair loss or baldness.
But beyond any of its benefits, let us not forget what argon oil is originally:
1.) A great culinary oil, with a wonderful and very specific taste that will enhance and make sophisticate your cooking.
2.) A very nice body oil.
Bon Appetit!