Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercises

Even You Can Do Relaxing Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercises. Having rheumatoid arthritis is stressful. You worry how bad it’s going to get. You worry if you can take care of yourself. You worry about being able to afford care. But worrying actually INCREASES your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and lowers your body’s natural healing processes. No matter what level of pain you experience, you need time every day for these relaxing rheumatoid arthritis exercises. You can do them by themselves or as the warming up part of a more intense routine or before getting on with your usual daily activities.

Yawning And Stretching

Ever watch a cat yawn and stretch? They are the masters of it. Mimic them in this rheumatoid arthritis exercise, even if you are still lying in bed. Slowly, luxuriously, stretch out one “paw” and then the other. If you can, lift your legs in a stretch, too. You can pretend you’re a cat and wash your face or roll over onto your hands and knees on the mattress for a kitty backstretch. Take all of this slowly and only do what you are comfortable with. Yawning will not only stretch your face and neck muscles, but give you deep inhalations of oxygen that can help your body to unconsciously relax.


This is one of the most pleasant and often overlooked rheumatoid arthritis exercises. Even if you are not feeling particularly chipper, just the act of laughing for a minute triggers subconscious reactions in your body so that you will soon actually be laughing. If it’s hard to force a laugh for a rheumatoid arthritis exercise, then consider taking time out to watch a favorite television comedy or watch the general silliness of life. It’s good to have a conversation a day with someone for any chance to laugh. You could call it your “rheumatoid arthritis exercise.” That should get you some laughs, and lots lower stress levels.

Playing With Clay

It’s not important if you are the next Michelangelo, just get your hands moving by wriggling it into squishy, forgiving clay or even mud. There’s just enough resistance to help give your joints a work out, but not enough to over do it. You don’t need to make shapes or anything recognizable. Just fool around with the clay for ten minutes as a different and unusual rheumatoid arthritis exercise. This is best for hand and wrist arthritis. There’s no reason why you can’t goof around with clay with your feet, but lay down newspaper or old towels before you attempt it. It will be quite messy, but quite uplifting and maybe you’ll even laugh.

Many doctors recommend arthritis patients use some sort of aquatic work out, since water allows you to be weightless and your joints experience no friction or resistance. Use these rheumatoid arthritis exercises and suggestions to start with, as always consult with your doctor when trying something new.