Rheumatism is a Very Widespread Disease

A lot of people complain of rheumatism. You think it’s something as trivial as a headache, but things are not so simple. Untreated, rheumatism can become really dangerous. The term”rheumatism” is the popular name of “rheumatic diseases” which include a variety of over 100 diseases that cause pain in the joints, muscles, bones and tendons. If not treated, acute rheumatism can become chronic and complications that occur may affect internal organs like the heart, lungs and kidneys. In addition to local pain, symptoms may include swelling, rednessof the skin, muscle stiffness or fever. Joint deformities lead to chronic forms and reduce joint mobility to block.

Why rheumatism occurs?

Most forms of rheumatic diseases are caused by disorders of the immune system when the body’s defense mechanisms attack its own tissues. As risk factors are: heredity, dental or intestinal infections, hormonal imbalances, the presence of toxins in the blood. Rheumatism affects especially older people, but sometimes occurs in children or adolescents.

Diagnosis and treatment

To identify the disease, a medical examination aims to present genetic factors and specific antibodies in the blood. Other methods are local radiography and tomography. As treatmentgenerally are used analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs containing ibuprofen and diclofenac.

Rheumatism and the weather

Most people aware of a direct connection between rheumatic pain and lower atmospheric pressure (associated with cold weather, rainy). However, there is medical evidence to support or refute this statement. Types of rheumatic diseases: rheumatic spondylosis, spinal arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, soft tissue rheumatism (muscles, tendons).

Steam baths

Along with hot baths, hot and cold packing and exercise are an effective treatment against rheumatism.

Rheumatic fever is an acute inflammatory disease of connective tissue, due to beta-hemolytic streptococcal infection, group A, located in the pharynx. It results in damage to the heart, joints, central nervous system, skin and subcutaneous tissue, tending to a chronic evolutionexacerbations and serious consequences because of rheumatic carditis or rheumatic cardiopathy. Rheumatic fever is a disease of childhood, was observed in 90% of cases in children aged 5-15 years, without a clear predilection of the disease according to sex. This disease mainly affects the connective tissue and skeletal and cardiovascular system.

Determinants of the disease are poor nutrition: vitamin C, A and D deficiency and calcium and phosphorus deficiency, hereditary predisposition, unhealthy living conditions, cooling, crowded human (children’s homes, schools, large families), where there are conditions prevalence of streptococcal infection.

Characteristic symptoms are: arthritis is affecting large joints due to an infectious febrile syndrome of the upper and lower limb preceded in 50% of cases of acute rheumatic carditis and streptococcal angina – is immuno-inflammatory process manifested by the presence of signs of myocarditis, heart failure, cardiac noise reduction.

The patient should be informed about the need for early detection and treatment of streptococcal infection (pharyngitis, tonsillitis, dental caries, etc..) Disease prevention and the need to meet strict the schema of secondary prophylaxis after the first attack of rheumatismto avoid in reccurence and complications . The higher education program begins earlier, with both patient and family ancompliance – prophylactic regimens will be better accepted.

Natural treatment for rheumatism with Calivita products

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– Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil are recommended for the treatment of chronic inflammation (in rheumatism), because increase prostacyclin and prostaglandin synthesis and have an inflammatory effect.