Restoring Your White Smile

Restoring Your White Smile

Have your teeth changed color over the years? Do you struggle with teeth whitening products that just don’t work? There are many teeth whitening products that are available on the market and it can sometimes be difficult to determine which product is the best.

Cosmetic dentistry is a range of dental procedures that aims to restore teeth to their original white color. There are many ways that the teeth can be restored and these include fixing broken teeth and replacing any old teeth with new manufactured teeth. If you are in the San Diego area, you can find a San Diego Cosmetic Dentist that can perform the procedure for you at an affordable price. The main purpose of the procedure is to make sure that your teeth are restored to their original color. There are other dental problems that can be addressed by cosmetic dentistry.

Most people’s teeth woes are a result of years of eating certain foods that discolor the enamel or outer protective coat of the tooth. For people who regularly consume foods like coffee, teas and wines, it is common to find their teeth losing color over time. The same can also apply for people who smoke or practice poor dental hygiene. Although there is an element of commercialization when it comes to teeth cleaning products, there are effective ways to actually restore your teeth whites and to make them healthy again.

You can find that teeth whitening products are used by dentists who combine their own dental knowledge with the reliability of these dental cleaning products to create a sort of bleach that cleans the teeth and remains stains. The most common types of teeth bleaching agents used in a number of whitening products are hydrogen and carbamide peroxide. There are some teeth whitening products that use either form of peroxide, can be used to combat tooth stains and fight discoloration. What the peroxide does when applied to the tooth is break down and allow oxygen to enter the enamel. The oxygen will then act as a bleach to clean a tooth’s colored substances. This allows teeth to whiten without affecting or requiring the removal of any part of a tooth’s surface.

Finding the right San Diego Cosmetic Dentist who can use the proper teeth whitening product will be dependent on your particular level of teeth discoloration, if you are able to visit such a dentist and get a recommended product, it may be a wise option to pursue. There are many causes and types of teeth discoloration that are a result of either neglect or over consumption of certain foods. Some common types of infections or discoloration include yellow teeth or black gum (plague gum). Once you have received a recommendation of which teeth whitening product to use, you can have the teeth whitening performed by a certified dentist, or in the comfort of your own home.

If you go to a San Diego Cosmetic Dentist, you will likely receive a laser beam whitening service, this is one of the easiest ways of teeth whitening and can be completed within a very short space of time or you may opt for a self-clean kit.