Reasons You Should See a Dentist

Are you afraid of the dentist? Do you avoid going there are all costs? You might think that you don’t need to see the dentist if you regularly brush and floss your teeth. However, you might be making things worse for yourself. Issues that could be quickly and easily corrected might turn into bigger ones if not addressed promptly. Here are some reasons that you should immediately call for an appointment with your dentist.

Sensitive Teeth

If you notice that your teeth are suddenly sensitive to cold drinks or food, you should see a dentist. You could have gum disease or tooth decay. Additionally, sometimes sensitivity can happen when you have a cavity or an abscess. If your teeth aren’t looked at, you could find that the decay or cavity worsens, and your teeth could break. 

Broken Tooth

It can happen to anyone. You’re eating breakfast and all of a sudden notice that part of a tooth is missing. Regardless of what tooth broke, you want to immediately see a dentist if this happens to you.  The Broomfield dentist might be able to use a special compound to repair the break. However, if you don’t go in and the tooth continues to break and wear away, you’ll find that the only solution will be a crown or maybe even an implant. 

Swollen Face Or Gums

If you notice that one day that your face or gums are swollen along with tooth pain, you might have an abscess. An abscess is a pocket of pus in the tooth that is caused by an infection. If left untreated, the infection can travel throughout your body and cause life-threatening problems. 

The only way to deal with an abscess is to receive proper treatment. Just because you might not feel pain from the area anymore doesn’t mean that the issue has gone away. The dentist must actually go in and drain the abscess and remove its sack. Otherwise, it could keep returning. Additionally, the dentist will need to address the rotten or decayed tooth that caused the abscess.