Put Your Best Face Forward With A Bright, Wide Smile

If you were to ask yourself what it is that people evaluate when making first impressions about others, psychologists have found the answer to be: warmth, trustworthiness and competence with competence being a more preferred trait particularly in a professional context. A job seeker, for instance, will want to be found competent, a trait that argues in favor of their talents and expertise in carrying out their tasks and duties.

Overall, warmth and trustworthiness are the traits that really matter as they relate to how far a person can be trusted.

It is interesting to note that these sought after personality traits have not only been relevant and in use in the modern era, but goes back to the cave-man days when one’s survival depended on how well you were able to size others up.

Competence would have been a reliable indicator of how well and quickly an individual could get a fire going and trustworthiness a strong pointer to whether the individual could be trusted not to help themselves to your possessions.

Confidence relies on the ability to smile an attractive smile

At the heart of forming impressions of competence is confidence and confidence, studies have found, is supported by an attractive dental appearance. Poor self-confidence is accompanied by crooked teeth, discolored teeth, gaps in teeth and unhealthy gums. In a YouGov poll 77 percent of respondents noted that having an unattractive dental appearance put one’s chances of being hired for a job at a distinct disadvantage due to making a poor first impression when being interviewed.

With an attractive dental appearance – a full set of properly-aligned, white teeth – an individual is more prepared to smile. Dental restoration and cosmetic dental treatments such as dental implants Leicester have become in-demand treatments as more and more people seek to improve a less-than perfect dental appearance. According to the British Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry, a tooth implant acts like an artificial root (on which a dental crown rests) that anchors the artificial tooth to the jawbone. Anyone needing to replace teeth that are missing or have broken teeth that cannot be restored can opt for tooth implants, provided that they first pass an oral assessment conducted by a professional dental practitioner.

There are many encouraging reasons why an individual would want to invest in artificial tooth implant treatments more than any other available alternative. This modern dental solution addresses a range of dental needs, from missing teeth to fixing teeth imperfections. In addition to this it carries an extensive list of positive points to the benefit of patients.

Patients find tooth replacement implants to be more reliable when eating or speaking which is so important in conveying confidence in professional and social situations. The pleasing aesthetics is another confidence-boosting advantage as implants are an exact replica of natural teeth. Next in line in importance to these plus points are comfort and protection of optimal oral health. The care of tooth implants is the same as the care of natural teeth which means less time is spent fussing with artificial teeth devices.

Would you like to put your best foot forward and make a positive first impression? If your dental appearance could do with a bit of dental care, why not schedule a consultation with an experienced dentist at Smile Care Dental Clinic to find out which treatment would be the right fit for you.