Not sure if it is worth investing in SEO? 5 ways it can benefit your dental surgery

When you are trying to get your dental surgery to be successful, there are many ways to do so without breaking the bank.

In the past, dental surgeries that were brand new would send around flyers to the local area, advertising that they were taking new patients. While this may still be part of your marketing plan, it may not be as successful as turning your attention to your surgery’s website and investing in search engine optimization.

In short, search engine optimization (or SEO) involves making your surgery page more accessible to search engine bots, such as Google, which will, in turn, result in your page ranking higher on search results. As you can imagine, a higher-ranking page gets more clicks, leading to a higher conversion from website visitors to real-life patients.

But are there any other advantages of investing in dental SEO?

Wider reach

If you have a dental surgery in the east of London, you will probably have some fierce competition from surrounding surgeries.

SEO can help you break through the competition, by getting your surgery name and branding to a wider audience; this may be through your surgeries new social media page, or by placing adverts in targeted places.

Therefore, if you and your marketing team determine that one group you want to attract is young families, then your page will be advertised on associated sites and searches.

Complete information

Not sure what your desired audience is looking for?

Dental SEO can help you gain a deeper understanding of your targeted groups’ behaviour and help you to understand what they are looking for in a dentist with the use of identifying the keywords which are being searched in your area.

Once your marketing team has this information, you can better align your service to meet those needs, and thus you will attract more customers to your practice.

Targeting the right audience

Dental SEO helps you to locate the people who are searching for your service and allows you to direct them to your page.

If you are offering dental implants, and someone is searching for a dentist who offers that service in your area, SEO will enable that person to see your webpage and will direct them to it. Assuming that your webpage has had the SEO magic of a skilled marketing team, your surgery should soon receive a call about a patient looking for dental implants from your team.


As mentioned before, if you have a dentist surgery in a large city, the competition will be fierce.

SEO will help your surgery to monitor what your competitors are doing, alongside how they are responding to keyword searches in your shared area.

Learning their tactics will help you to gain more patients, allowing your surgery to become as (if not more) successful than theirs in a short period.


As complicated as this all sounds, SEO marketing companies can offer amazing deals for low-prices and in the long-term, can be exceedingly cost-effective with great results. Fantastic!


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.