Night Falls Symptoms And Natural Cure For Night Falls

Nightfall and wet dreams normal thing, if it happens rarely. But if this is a common phenomenon in fact ill and need immediate treatment. Regular night not only makes the sperm more subtle and less in quantity, but also a sign of chronic infection in the genital tract. Many times we have seen reports of the tests are normal, but the situation continues to deteriorate. So start with Kohinoor Gold which is a herbal medicine and better for your problem.

This will solve your problem with the onset of darkness and toning the reproductive system, urinary system and physical strength.

The reasons

Nightfall or wet dreams occur when you do not have the means to release the sexual tension and imagination of this to happen spontaneously. When a child reaches puberty region of sperm occurs regularly in the testes and sperm and seminal fluid biologically produced for the sole purpose of reproduction.

In accordance with the semen during sleep is called a boot at night. He is also known as the night. The patient feels in a dream a beautiful woman at his side, begins to make sexual intercourse with her and the sperm is discharged.

Nightfall always happens at night. Loading, from time to time the night is not a disease, but if it happens often, it’s certainly bad for your health. To avoid night often young people should not get into the vulgar talk, view pictures of the naked body and should not be read sexual literature, which causes sexual feelings.


There are no large studies on the presence of sperm in pre ejaculation fluid, but small studies have shown that it is effective to cause a pregnancy showed the same study the prevalence of HIV virus that causes AIDS. Other viruses and bacteria that cause STDs can also be found in the liquid, substance, such as herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis.

Dribbling of semen is a form of sexual dysfunction in men. The problem with the semen leaks into the habit of masturbation. Over Masturbation causes sperm ooze out of the shaft or without an erection. Class of fatty acids found in one of several

polyunsaturated fatty acids found in green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils and fish such as salmon and mackerel. And omega-6 fatty acids found in evening primrose oil and star flower male fertility supplement is recommended.

Home Remedies

1. Take a warm bath with essential oils, such as merging with sandalwood, lying lying, lavender, rose, jasmine, German and Roman chamomile.

2. Joined 2 tsp fenugreek leaves juice with a teaspoon of honey. This combination of bed every day.

3. It is desirable to have 3 cups of cottage cheese everyday people with the need for sleep.

4. Revenues gourd juice and sesame oil in equal parts. The management of this combination on your scalp every night.

5. On the other hand, the mature leaves of the pumpkin can be used as a vegetable. This is useful in the treatment of insomnia.

6. Do you have a quiet work, leisure, such as books of knowledge, making puzzles or soaked in a warm bath to bed?