How To Treat The Problem Of Hemorrhoids

There are different types of hemorrhoids and the severity of pain differs a lot as well. Some people find blood in the stool as the piles may be filled with blood which can ooze out at regular intervals.

There are different methods that can be used for treating the problems of hemorrhoids and we will list some of the most effective ones here.

Medical methods of treatment

There are a lot of different medicinal drugs and ointments that can be used. Seek help from a doctor as they can prescribe the right type of creams and lotions which if applied would provide relief from the pain. Generally, the main use of the ointments is to get a temporary relaxation from the pain as the itching can lessen and the inflamed spot may reduce as well.

However, in most cases it has been observed that applying these ointments provide only temporary relief as it cannot cure the problem. So, if you are looking for a permanent cure, you should try to diagnose the main cause of hemorrhoids.

Constipation has often been seen to be one of the prime reasons of hemorrhoids and in such cases; you should include a lot of roughage element in your diet. Including roughage helps in ensuring that you would have regular bowel movements and thus the problem of piles may be treated. So, stick to the right type of food and follow the diet chart thoroughly and diligently. Patients are recommended the use of laxatives as well.

Home remedies

Some people may opt for home remedies as well for the sake of treating hemorrhoids. There are a lot of home treatment methods that can be applied for the sake of cutting down on the pain and inflammation. Garlic, aloe vera are two of the most common products that are used for treating hemorrhoids.

Apart from this, you also have a lot of tips and guidelines that you need to follow for the sake of treating hemorrhoids. You should make it a point to wipe the area gently with clean cloth. Further, you should opt for immersing the affected area in lukewarm water.

Surgical treatment

Although, both these methods are likely to provide relief from the pain arising due to hemorrhoids, if the problem persists, you should opt for surgical treatment.

Sclerotherapy, ligation, coagulation are few of the surgical methods that are used for the sake of getting rid of hemorrhoids. In a few surgical methods, the hemorrhoid may be entirely removed from the system, but most people tend to refrain from surgery.

So, these are some of the main methods that help in bidding goodbye to the problems of hemorrhoids. Explore the different methods and try to implement them as they are sure to be of help.