How To Choose Exercise Equipment

Nothing can be more important than health and fitness. We all need to look after our health and take steps to improve our fitness. What we eat and drink plays a huge part in how healthy we are. Sticking to a healthy diet is as important as taking regular exercise. Many people enjoy going to the gym, others prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own home. It really doesn`t matter how, where or when we take exercise, just as long as we are doing a reasonable amount on a regular basis.

Exercise equipment comes in many different forms and at vastly different prices. Buying a simple skipping rope for a few pounds can provide valuable exercise in the same way as paying thousands of pounds for an elaborate gym standard exercise machine. Some people set a room or a garage aside in their home to set up their own gymnasium, others are happy to have an exercise bike in the corner of a room.

Exercise bikes come in all shapes and sizes and in all price ranges. At the lower end of the price range is the basic upright machine that is designed around the same design as a bicycle. At the upper end of the price range is the recumbent, fully programmable machine. Both machines provide aerobic exercise for the user. Many bikes offer options for riding up and down hills and controlling your heart rate.

Treadmills are another popular option for the home gym or those buying a single machine. Again treadmills can be low cost and basic through to fully programmable. Some are foldable for easy storage and others are solid and can take up a fairly large area of space. All are excellent sources of cardio vascular exercise. Again these machines can be set to simulate going up or down hills, vary the amount of resistance and alter the speed and distance from a slow walk to a full on run.

Rowing machines are available in three different forms: air, water or magnetic rowers. All three provide low impact cardio vascular exercise and are suitable for all age groups as they work all the major muscle groups. These machines offer good value for money as they provide good a good all round workout.

Elliptical cross trainers again provide an all round workout that is effective and low impact. They are now almost as popular as treadmills and exercise bikes. However, these are quite complex machines and caution should be practised when buying a cheaper machine.