Has your bite lost its edge? A dental implant may be the solution

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The annoyance of tooth loss

Losing a tooth can not only be a physical challenge, but also an emotional one. Your tongue may get blisters from constantly slipping through the gap in your smile. Biting into a nice crunchy salad may leave you with more debris in the gap than you would like and therefore dietary changes may begin to occur. But none of this is necessary as there are easy solutions for tooth loss and your somewhat gappy smile can be restored and shine brighter than ever.

The dental implant Melbourne option

Modern advances in dentistry have understood the need for stability within the mouth and this is where the implant comes in. This small titanium screw is essentially drilled into the jawbone, providing a stable and secure pillar for the replenished or restored tooth. Whilst this may sound an extremely invasive procedure it is far from it and in some cases can be carried out in a single appointment known as ‘same-day-teeth’, but this is dependent upon the severity of the tooth loss.

Is the procedure painful?

Whilst the idea of someone drilling a screw into the jawbone may sound extremely daunting, rest assured that the area will be numbed before the procedure takes place. By numbing the area it will not cause a lot of pain or discomfort during the process and for those of a nervous disposition other solutions may be offered. This would need to be discussed with the dental team beforehand, so please advise the dental practice if additional help would suit your individual circumstances best.

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Once the procedure is complete and the area begins to recover a mild discomfort may occur as the body’s natural healing process kicks in, but this discomfort should be minimal.

What adjustments need to be made to my lifestyle once the implants are fitted?

Unlike some other tooth replacement options, when you have implants there are no dietary or life adjustments needed. These small titanium screws essentially allow you to have the security of your natural smile and whilst they need to be taken care of via the daily oral hygiene process, you are able to consume whatever food you like after a healing period.

Implants essentially provide you with a new lease of life to your beautiful, natural smile.

How do I know whether it is a suitable procedure for me?

As with all treatments and procedures your dental team will examine your mouth and discuss the possible options open to you. It may be that the physical examination is not sufficient and therefore CT scans, photographs and X-rays may also be used to ensure that the procedure would work. At no point will the dental team just dive into a particular treatment and all your options along with advice will be presented to you before a decision can be made on what process to follow. If for any reason the procedure is not suited to your case, a variety of other options will be provided and in some cases it may be that another procedure has to be carried out first before undergoing this one.

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.