Glimpse behind the scenes at Invisalign in Weybridge

Star smiles

Nowadays, everybody wants a healthy, straighter looking smile. With imagery of perfect teeth strewn across every form of media out there, it is no wonder that an increasing number of people are seeking out the required orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign in Weybridge, to achieve the smile they deserve. However, there are still a vast portion of people across the country who are dissuaded from proceeding with the required dental work to begin their journey towards their ‘star smile’, as they are concerned with how treatment will affect their outward appearance. These concerns generally span from the large amounts of conflicting misinformation existing around the subject of modern orthodontics, which often evokes imagery of large, uncomfortable and cumbersome head-gear and other, outdated methods. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth, as today there are a number of discreet dental realignment processes, such as the Invisalign method, which allow patients to simultaneously achieve a straighter smile, without any unwitting person recognising the fact.

Clearly on to something

The Invisalign method is the brainchild of Stanford University graduate Zia Chishti, who, in 1997, forever revolutionised the world of conventional orthodontics with his Invisalign retainer. After witnessing first hand the negative impact that orthodontics of that time could have on self-esteem and outward appearance, Chishti, despite having no formal training within the fields of orthodontics, decided to take matters into his own hands. After teaming up with fellow graduate Kelsey Wirth, Chishti began to work on the design of the Invisalign retainer. The basis of the idea was to create a form of orthodontic alignment which was entirely discreet to the point of being invisible to the naked eye. Whilst other forms of discreet orthodontics had been around for some time – such as lingual braces – Chishti took the idea even further. This was achieved by replacing all of the conventional tools and methodologies which had been used throughout orthodontics for decades, such as metal wires and fused brackets, with a removable, clear plastic retainer. This retainer was constructed from a specialist, patented plastic known as SmartTrack, and was utilised as it’s uniquely malleable, yet durable nature made it perfect for its application within the retainer. When worn over the course of treatment, the Invisalign aligner uses specifically placed pressure points to gradually push the patient’s teeth back into their correct alignment.

Fits like a glove

Since it was initially launched in 2001, the Invisalign retainer has become a vastly popular form of orthodontics across the world, and has helped restore the smiles of over 7 million patients worldwide, with over 2.4 million of these being teenagers. The primary reason for the method’s success, is the unique nature of the process. Each Invisalign retainer is custom fitted around the specific contours and shape of each patient’s teeth, using the most up-to-date and emerging dental techniques and methods to achieve a perfectly accurate rendering. From this, the aligner is constructed, when worn it fits so perfectly over the teeth that it becomes practically invisible. This, in turn, affords patients the ability to undergo essential orthodontic work, without attracting any notice – which may explain the procedure’s vast popularity with teenagers and young adults, who may be more subject to scrutiny from peers or colleagues. With Invisalign however, they can tackle life head on, and with a smile on their faces – all whilst achieving a straightener, healthier looking smile.