Get That Perfect Smile With a Cosmetic Dentist

Get That Perfect Smile With a Cosmetic Dentist

If your smile is less than perfect you may be ready to visit a cosmetic dentist and discover what options are available to you. If you have discolored, stained, cracked, chipped or missing teeth you may be a viable candidate for a multitude of cosmetic procedures depending on your budget and your needs.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed by cosmetic dentist because it can be done either at home or at the dentist office. This procedure is pain free and gives dramatic results for most people by making teeth up to five shades whiter than they are now. If you prefer to have your teeth whitened at the dentist office your dentist can use the bleach kit in conjunction with a laser to create faster and more dramatic whitening results.

If your teeth are more than just discolored from coffee or wine and need more than simple whitening to repair them, there are other options such as veneers or bonding. Porcelain veneers are durable, strong and stain proof and your cosmetic dentist can apply them over your existing teeth to resemble your natural tooth enamel. Porcelain veneers are a good option if your natural teeth are chipped or broken because it allows as much of your natural tooth as possible to stay in place while covering up any cosmetic damage. Bonding is another way to cover up damaged teeth. Unlike veneers though, bonding involves applying a liquid plastic resin to the tooth and sculpting and polishing it to mirror your tooth enamel. Bonding and veneers will both look like you natural teeth and which one is best for you is something you should discuss with your dentist before you make any decisions.

If you are missing a tooth from an accident or dental decay there are several options available including bridge work or a dental implant. Having a missing tooth can create problems for your whole mouth because your remaining teeth will start to shift over to accommodate the loss. This can lead to more dental problems including problems with your bite. Bridges or dental implants both serve the same function to fill in that space with a natural looking tooth. Which option is best for you will depend on what you are comfortable with and what you can afford to do financially. Bridge work can hamper your diet and must be taken out at night but no surgical procedures are required to use a bridge. Dental implants on the other hand are permanent because they are surgically implanted into your jaw bone and act just like your natural teeth, so there are no diet restrictions and they don’t require any more care than your natural teeth do.

Clearly there are a lot of options today for cosmetic dentistry and if you are unhappy with your smile you should consult your cosmetic dentist for recommendations about what will work for you to give you the smile you always wanted to have.