Dentist – What to Consider Before You Pick a New Practitioner

Dentist – What to Consider Before You Pick a New Practitioner

If you are looking for a new dentist, there are a few details you should know before you commit to one for all your dental needs. It is always nice to stay with the same one for a few years if possible since they will have all your records, and you will likely feel most comfortable with someone you feel you know. In order to get the best practitioner for you right off the bat, follow these tips.

One of the most important aspects of a dental office is its location. Many people like to keep their doctors close to them in case of emergency, and also for the convenience factor. It will likely be easiest to make it to your appointments on time if you are only a few minutes away rather than an hour or more. Granted, if you find a great dentist an hour away, or cannot find a reputable practitioner that is close to you, exceptions can be made, but if possible, look close to you first. An easy way to do this is check your insurance provider’s website since it should list all the dental practitioners in order of who is closest to you.

You should also consider whether your dentist has emergency care after hours. Some offices offer unconventional hours, such as evening or weekend hours. These work well for emergencies as well as people who usually work until the late afternoon or early evening on weekdays. Other offices have normal hours but do have employees available to answer the phone after hours if you have questions. This way, they can tell you when it is appropriate to head to the emergency room, and when you should just wait until the next day to be seen for your problem.

You should also find out what is offered at the dental office you are considering. For example, some dentists provide only the basic services, such as cleanings, filling, tooth extractions, and other common needs. However, to get a root canal or dental implants you might need to go elsewhere unless they have a periodontist at the office or your practitioner is trained for such services.

You can find out most of these details before you even go in for an appointment. You can use the internet to find out the answers, such as using your insurance provider’s website, and you can also call in before you make an appointment since the front desk should be able to answer your questions. This can save you some time when choosing a new dentist.