Dental Implants Vs Dentures

Dental Implants Vs Dentures

People with missing teeth often want to know the benefits of dental implants compared with dentures. Generally, the lifestyle difference between the two are quite extraordinary. Before we compare the benefits of each, let me first explain what each solution is.

Dental Implants – Titanium screws implanted into the jaw to replace the tooth’s natural root. The implants actually bond with the jaw and integrate with the bone through a natural process. A crown can then be attached to this strongly held screw to ultimately give you your teeth back. You can then carry on with life like before, brushing twice a day like you have regular teeth.

Dentures – These are usually made out of plastic or metal and attach to your gums by merely being ‘slipped on’, sometimes with a sticky adhesive. They need to be taken out to clean in the morning and evening and sometimes after certain food. Many denture wearers complain of their denture slipping off the gum when they laugh, cough or smile and are told to bite down on the denture and suck to hold it in place. Over time, without teeth, gums can wear away and the dentures can become a loose fitting, cause painful sores and have to be replaced with new ones.

Benefits of Dental Implants Compared with Dentures

Look up to 10 years younger – by replacing your tooth with a dental implant, you can slow down the wearing away of your gums which causes you to look older than you are. Implants can prevent this. The implants also act as a support for your facial muscles which stops sagging.

Dentures on the other hand aren’t in your mouth 24hours a day During your sleep when your dentures aren’t present, the lack of support can cause your facial muscles to sag.

Eat whatever type of food you want – Dental implants look and act like normal teeth which enables you to eat the sort of foods you once could.

Dentures on the other hand limit you to the type of food you can eat. You also can have a struggle cleaning the dentures after certain foods which can get annoying.

Laugh and Smile Again – Dental implants replace missing teeth, which in turn raises your confidence to laugh and smile like you used to.

Dentures on the other hand can drop off your gums when you laugh and smile which can cause embarrassment for you. I know of some denture sufferers who cover their mouth when they smile for fear of someone noticing their dentures.

Relax, you’ve got teeth again – Dental Implants literally give you your teeth back so you carry on with your life like normal. Laugh, smile, brush your regular teeth and enjoy a better quality of life with implants. You can go out and eat anything on the menu with friends, drop your head back and laugh out loud with them and beam in all the photos

Dentures usually stop people doing all of those things..


If you want the ultimate solution to the problems of missing teeth and dentures then dental implants are for you.