Dental Implants – 2010 Will Usher in More Dental Implant Requirements

Dental Implants – 2010 Will Usher in More Dental Implant Requirements

If you have suffered teeth loss due to some reason, it could well prove to be a source of discomfort for you. It might cause you much embarrassment in front of others and can eventually result in decreasing your comfort level immensely. The solution lies in going in for Simi Valley dental implants procedure at your dentists’ clinic. The 2010 predictions by the Consumer Guide to Dentistry states how the trend for getting implants done is on a rise.

There are various types of dental implant procedure available. The three most prominent ones are:

Cylindrical or screw implant – this type is also known as the ‘root form’ implant since a hole is drilled into the gums and a false tooth is placed in it just like a real tooth would be. The shape of this implant is very similar to real teeth. However this type of implant can only be done when the jaw is healthy, wide and deep. In case of a thin jaw which is short of depth, a bone grafting procedure would be required.

Plate form implant – sometimes the jawbone is narrow, and the tooth site is not ideal for undergoing a bone grafting. Under such circumstances, a ‘plate form’ is fitted onto the area. This is a special narrow implant done for those with narrow jawbones.

Custom made implants – there are patients who have suffered bone loss. For this reason it becomes difficult to do a dental implant for them. In this type the implant rests on the jaw bone but also under the gum so that it can provide support to the replacement tooth.

Dental implants have been known to be very successful in almost 90% of cases. All patients who have undergone this procedure state how after the implant is done they have been living better lives. They are able to live normal lives and chew on food and most importantly smile with confidence. However if you are going in for a dental implant procedure you must remember that it is an expensive procedure. For this reason most dentists will agree to give you a free consultation and help you to consider your options before you make a suitable choice. The time it takes to heal will also depend upon the condition of your tooth and gums. This will also be discussed by your dentist during the consultation.

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