Can I Design My Smile With a Dental Discount Plan?

Can I Design My Smile With a Dental Discount Plan?

Cosmetic dentists classify smiles into different categories, and when you go in to decide on how you want your smile to look, your choice will fit one of three descriptions based on certain features. Though traditional insurance usually will not cover cosmetic dentistry, you can often get help paying for the procedures you need with a dental discount plan. If the smile in the mirror could use some improvement, here are some factors you should consider.

Pick a Smile

Teeth grind down over time, so cosmetic dentists say that slightly uneven lengths indicate youthfulness. The central incisors are usually longer than the other front teeth until they grind down to an even length. For a younger look, a dentist can restore a slightly pointed tip to those teeth that also emphasizes the nose and chin. Some people opt to even out the length of all their teeth for a sophisticated look, which cosmetic dentists say indicates maturity. A cosmetic dentist with a discount should be able to offer advice on whether this look is right for you.

Other Factors

You should consider the image you want to portray to people as well as the age you would like to appear. Different face shapes also look best with different types of smiles. Cosmetic dentists should show you a portfolio during the consultation and work closely with you to achieve the smile you want. They should also make you aware of any discount plans they offer at this time, so you can know exactly what you are paying for without encountering any hidden charges.

Despite the emphasis on appearance, maintaining oral health and cleanliness is really all about healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. With a helpful discount plan, you can often get discounts on procedures for appearance as well as on strictly health-related oral upkeep. A healthy, well-maintained mouth is an important part of your general well-being, so oral hygiene should be a priority for everyone.