Broad Spectrum CBG Breakdown

Cannabigerol CBG Gel

Cannabigerol is one of the rarest forms of cannabinoid products. Unlike other cannabinoids that are produced from the hemp of the cannabis plant, Cannabigerol is extracted from young cannabis plants. Special efforts are made to maximize the production of cannabigerol including the growing of special strains of the cannabis plant that have higher quantities of cannabigerol.

Cannabigerol CBG has many health benefits in the body. It is used as a pain relief product. It contains substances that help create a bond between the H1 receptor cells and the H2 receptor cells which in turn strengthens the function of anandamide. Anandamide is responsible for pleasure and motivation. It also helps in the reduction of pain and inflammation as well as the regulation of sleep and appetite.

Broad spectrum CBG gel is one of the most used forms of CBG. CBG is combined with fractionated coconut oil, full-spectrum hemp oil, vegetable glycerin, and gelatin to make the gel. This makes it useful for those that dislike the taste of hemp oil. Broad spectrum CBG soft gels take advantage of the pain-relieving properties of the cannabis plant. It is a 100% natural oil solution for joint and muscle pains. The coconut oil in it moisturizes the skin, making it look radiant.

Broad spectrum CBG gel should be applied to specific areas that are experiencing pain. It is for external use only. It should never be applied to wounds or areas with broken skin. If one experiences irritation when using it, one should immediately withdraw its usage.

Cannabigerol (CBG) gel is a highly potent, pure, and safe product. Organic non-GMO products are used in their manufacture, making it the perfect solution for people that are still in touch with nature.