Better Learning Through a Healthy Diet

Healthy food is the basic requirement for any child to perform well. As food affects the memory cell s in the brain, one should be careful while choosing it. Studies have been conducted in various countries regarding the link between nutrition and performance in academics. Children, who do not eat well or eat unhealthy food, end up being either sick or sluggish. Some children are in the habit of eating foods with sugars and high calorie count. Excessive eating is also noticed in some cases.
Indiscriminate eating also leads to many health problems like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. These problems are seen in very young people these days. There is an old saying that a healthy body keeps the mind healthy. More attention is to be paid towards our eating habits and its content. Excessive eating firstly brings obesity due to which a child cannot participate actively in academics. Students feel tired and groggy. In such cases, afternoon sessions are very difficult to cope for students. Malnutrition has also been noticed in overfed and over -weight students. It is not the amount of food one eats but the nutritive value the food has, which makes it healthy or unhealthy.
Certain research teams in USA have submitted a report to the obesity society conforming that students who eat healthy food had lesser health problems and performed better in their academics. It was also noticed that students who were suffering from obesity and other problems saw improvement in health after consuming healthy food. They were also able to reduce their weight and blood pressure, after going through a healthy and nutritious diet program conducted by the society. Similar studies were conducted in Canada as well. Great results were noticed at all such places.
So, nutrition is very important for students’ performance and proper attendance in schools. Children who are not regular at school cannot keep maintain their pace. Healthy kids attend school regularly and perform better. Regularity at school brings better grades and helps students to achieve great heights. A healthy child is better motivated to excel in academics and is propelled to achieve greater heights. Recently, a Canadian research showed clear link between nutritive food and academic results.
Children should eat lighter, tastier and nutritious food. Diets should include fresh vegetables, fruits and juices, whole grains and less of saturated fats removing trans fats. Drinking approximately 8 to 10 glasses of water each day is also considered necessary for detoxification of the body. The choice of healthy and nutritive food makes an individual feel fit and look good as well.
Parents should plan the meal for their child with high nutrients. The child should be taught to resist eating junk food. Some children like to keep munching throughout the day. Such an urge can be satisfied by a eating something healthy like a piece of carrot or something healthy.
The point of concern for parents is not about one meal but complete diet their child intakes. Everyone should have a good breakfast, lunch and proper dinner. Good and disciplined eating habits are to be inculcated early in life. These habits shall surely help to perform well in school and later in an individuals’ professional life.