5 Common Orthodontic Procedures

If you have been to an orthodontist, you are likely to understand the services they deal with, which will often include correction of bites and teeth and jaw alignment. This is, however, only just a brief look at the type of services offered, with their expertise going into greater depths. Below is a list of some procedures that you can expect to receive from your orthodontist.

Fitting of Braces

Braces will often come in numerous forms, with the most utilized being the traditional braces. These can be found as a series of brackets attached to your teeth. They are then linked by wires to aid in the correct positioning of your teeth. Based on the extent of your procedure, you may need to visit your orthodontist Arvada, CO specialist, every few months for repositioning, helping you get to your ideal tooth alignment.

The fitting of lingual braces will also encompass an orthodontist’s area of expertise. These braces are different from other braces and will be fitted to the back of your teeth, allowing you to benefit from the long-term advantages they offer while remaining hidden from view. These are ideal options for any self-conscious patients with the added benefit that they do not interfere with speech compared to other braces. Your orthodontist will also perform debonding after your braces have achieved successful teeth alignment. This process will involve the removal of any orthodontic brackets, helping you get back to life pre-braces.

Fitting of Retainers

Retainers will come in handy after you have recently had a tooth realignment procedure. Retainers will be glued to the back of your teeth, or your orthodontist may recommend you wear them at night. Based on the underlying problem, you can expect these in various forms. The most common is clear retainers, which can be easily taken out, followed by bonded retainers, which are a more permanent option. Fitting retainers prevent your teeth from shifting back to their initial place, allowing you to get proper teeth alignment.

Interceptive Procedures

Interceptive procedures will often be performed on patients aged 7-10, making this a type of orthodontic intervention. This procedure will ease the way for future orthodontic treatment, providing less painful and seamless treatment. An example can be the extraction of problematic teeth that could cause problems could have later orthodontic procedures.

Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is another type of teeth correcting procedure offered by orthodontists. Your orthodontist will fit a clear plastic aligner onto your teeth for this procedure. Since they come in a clear color, only you and your orthodontist are aware of their existence. But just like braces, these will also require constant check-ups, with consultations happening every few weeks for readjusting. You can take these out during your meals, making them easy teeth correcting procedures.

Orthodontic Elastics

If you experience jaw problems, your orthodontist will most likely recommend orthodontic elastic. These work together with braces, allowing you to correct any jaw problems interfering with your teeth’s alignment. These elastics are made from unique rubber bands that help correct your jaw to the proper alignment and pull your jaw forwards or backward. This makes it possible to restore your bite, improving teeth alignment.

Getting any of the above procedures will be vital in helping you get the best chance of correct teeth and jaw alignment, allowing you to reduce any dental emergencies. Make it a point to get an orthodontist consultation to determine which procedure best fits your needs.