3 Great Edibles Found at Your Favorite Chicago Dispensary

Have you tried a medicinal cannabis edible? They’ve been gaining in popularity in recent years, and you can’t visit a dispensary without taking notice of these delicious treats that are infused with nature’s medicine. If you’ve never tried an edible before, here are three great options to check out on your next trip to your local dispensary.

1. Nature’s Grace and Wellness Birthday Cake White Chocolate Bar

Nature’s Grace and Wellness produces and processes their medicinal cannabis products in downstate Illinois. They’re a privately-owned company that has its beginnings with a family farm. They have a particularly varied edible line, including products as diverse as cannabis-infused honey and ramen. The Birthday Cake White Chocolate Bar is infused with a Hybrid strain and contains 100mg THC. This popular candy can be found at your favorite Chicago medical marijuana dispensaries.

2. Encore Berry Burst Gummies

Encore is part of the Verano line of products. They focus on creating artisanal edibles that not only pack a punch in terms of flavor, but also in effect. Each Encore edible is non-GMO, pesticide-free and lab tested to ensure quality and purity. The Berry Burst Indica Gummies are made with fruit pectin and cannabis Indica, designed to provide the user with relief from pain and anxiety.

3. Avexia Harmony Tablets

The Harmony tablets are created by Avexia, and they’re unique in the edible space in that they have the quality of a chewable vitamin, making it more of a medicinal experience. These tablets are part of Avexia’s line of THC microdosing tablets. Each tablet contains 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD. Harmony is a hybrid, with the CBD providing a calming effect.

From delicious candies to efficient tablets, there are so many edibles available that are infused with nature’s best medicine. Have fun on the journey and discover the right products for you!